Location: Spanishtown, BVI

We had a very calm overnight passage from Saba. The wind was unfortunately too light to allow us to sail back, so we had to turn the engine on, but it was very pleasant nonetheless. Right after sunrise, as watch team #3 took over and we were still several miles outside the BVI, we spotted yet one more humpback whale, which seemed to be sleeping or relaxing at the surface not far from Ocean Star. Shortly after that, several dolphins swam over and jumped around near us for a few minutes. After all this excitement, it was time to wake up the rest of the crew, and we got the sails down and got ready to anchor at the Baths on Virgin Gorda. While Simon clear us into the British Virgin Islands, we had breakfast and cleaned and scrubbed Ocean Star. After lunch, we went in to explore the big boulders and caves of the Baths, and jumped off rocks, and swam around. By mid-afternoon, we all met on the beach for a communication class, then got back on board. We raised anchor and moved to Spanishtown, and after dinner, we got ready for our presentation at St. Mary’s school tomorrow on the marine environment and marine pollution.