Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

This morning, we headed off to St. Mary’s Elementary School to educate the students about the environmental hazards that plastics present in our oceans. We prepared a slide show and participated with the students in drawing scenes of how garbage affects the oceans. They were very enthusiastic about marine life, and they even performed the song “Under The Sea” for us. It felt very rewarding to interact with young people about something we feel so passionate about and to witness their little minds working and getting excited about the ocean as well. The day continued on with a motor to Gorda Sound, where we were unexpectedly surprised with our final rescue diver scenario. We had to rescue an unconscious diver, performed by Simon, as well as a diver with decompression sickness, as performed by Dan. We conducted a safe and successful rescue and are now certified rescue divers. This great day was topped with Curry’s famous chicken parm and a conch-blowing competition between Sam and two other boats in the anchorage. I’ll have to say Sam has a lot of wind in him!