Location: Underway to Fortaleza, Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

What did you do on your birthday? When someone asked me this question before I would answer like most people, I celebrated with friends and family, did this or that. These last two years though I’ve been able to answer that question a little bit differently. Since working for Sea|mester I have been fortunate enough to spend my birthday in some of the most random and far off locations around the globe. Last year I was in the middle of the Indian Ocean two days out from the Maldives and this year was at the Archipelago de Fernando de Noronha in the Atlantic Ocean just off of Brazil. These two locations some 6400 nautical miles away from each other and a world apart culturally. Not that many people can say that on their birthday. Last year I shared my birthday with Jessica Peters and this year Annie Rae joined me in celebrated our mutual birthday in this far off exotic location. Best of all though I still get to share my birthday with plenty of friends. Each year I have some 20 or so new friends to share it with making each year a unique and memorable experience. Now as the sun fades below the horizon the sky turns from orange to pink I stop and think to myself, one more amazing, unique birthday for the memories. This entry includes photos from our last few days in Fernando de Noronha*