Location: Cape Town South Africa

We woke up this morning to see that the wind and the bad weather have been replaced with a blue sky and sun. After having cereal for breakfast, Benazir, Lily, and Allie motivated the group to sing Mamma Mia songs while washing and drying the dishes. You could feel the good vibes and positive energy from everybody, as they were cleaning the deck, organizing the galley, or helping others with their jobs. Once the chores were completed, many members of the crew took an exciting trip to “What The Fluff” to do a much-needed laundry run before we set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Later on that day, we had our first Marine biology class with Mimi! She told us about her background as well as the history behind Marine Biology. After class, we had a free day filled with laughter and good food. Some of us explored Cape Town while others took this time to rest or read a good book. Many people enjoyed a delicious lunch at “Si Cantina” as well as refreshing ice cream. Getting to the restaurant was a bit difficult, but the hard work made the hamburgers, milkshakes, and nachos taste even better (taking into accounts that we will not be able to eat these foods for 84 days). We are all very lucky that we get to explore such a beautiful city while the Argo is in port. After free time we all helped carry the groceries that the crew bought for our long journey. It took all hands on deck to carry the heavy bags of food on to the boat. Everybody worked really hard to fit an insane amount of food into a small space. Luckily, we had Steph to guide the operation and to show us all the secret storage spaces. After all the hard work, we wrapped up a great day with a delicious dinner of paella prepared by Elle!