Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today began at 12:00 am with all hands on deck. We had to prepare the boat and depart for Antigua, a trip that was supposed to take 9-10 hours. After we were underway I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep before the dream team “Watch Team Tres” was in charge. I woke up and made my way on deck only to immediately fall, I like life lines. Otherwise our watch was not that bad, only having to make a few modifications to the sails. As 6:00 am rolled around “Watch Team Tres” was able to enjoy a pretty cool sunrise. Now I was able to sleep for about 6 hours before our watch was needed back on deck. I was hoping to wake up ready to dock in Antigua but an overheating engine and sailing into the wind slowed us down a bit. I spent the 12:00 pm shift on bow watch searching for things we could run in too. After the watch I worked on some SCUBA papers for my advanced open water certification and I wrote a super sweet letter to my super sweet girlfriend. By now it was time t o prepare the boat to be docked. We brought the sails down, and carefully docked her for dinner at about 6:30 pm. The propane tank is broken so we ordered some “Big Banana Pizza”-Sweet. Everyone is tired and a little sad our shore time was cut into but it was a good day overall. -Madd Dog