Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

The crew was in high spirits beginning this morning at the news we could go to Saba or Barbuda for scuba diving. Chefs Caroline, Jay, and Aurora made an oatmeal bar with eggs for breakfast, veggie bowls for lunch, and lentil soup from scratch for dinner. All were restaurant quality. After breakfast, we showed how much we love our home for these 20 days, Ocean Star, with a little boat appreciation (BA). It sounded like we might be singing songs about the boat, but instead, we cleaned the boat – true boat appreciation. Following BA, we learned about sailing again. Now we actually understand what we were doing when we sailed on day 6. Hopefully, we’ll remember it all for tomorrow’s sail.

In the afternoon, Nathan and I continued their confined water diving training with Ash. Despite only being a few meters underwater, the experience was magnificent, and some unidentified fish were seen. Unfortunately, they were too quick to be caught 🙁 Ellery almost became PADI diving certified, but not quite yet. Miriam, after her diving session, had to have her BCD lifted innovatively. It was hoisted with the lines used to lift the rafts. Did I mention innovative actually means a hilarious scene to witness in this case? Skipper Justin directed the crew to perform all sweating duties to the chant of Five Guys. Today was a 3/5 stars kind of day!