Location: Pearns Point, Antigua

Top of the morning to ya,

Today was a splendid day. We started the morning with Nathan’s amazingly cooked cinnamon rolls. One might they say they were good, but the crew left none to spare. Once we finished breakfast, we got straight to business; one of the groups (Tenley, Kelsey, and Aurora) did their last in-water portion of their diving certificates; while the first group was out and about swimming with fishies, the rest of the crew were back relaxing and learning about the VHF radio (to you non-sailors, this would be the radio thingy). Once everyone finished up their duties, we relaxed on the boat. Some played cards (there is a running Spades marathon going on between Tenley, Maddie, Caroline, and Jay). Then chef Nathan finished up lunch, and we had burgers.

After lunch, those who did not go in the water before went out in the water and finished their scuba courses as well (except for Maddie, Caroline and Jay, they have 2 more underwater portions). Although Maddie, Caroline, and Jay did not finish their entire course, they got to draw fish underwater. Once they finished up in the water, some had difficulties getting back. It seemed as though these young lads could not get their dingy to go as fast as they pleased. So you know what these young lads (Sam, Maddie, and Caroline) did, they used their imagination and used flippers as oars. Although one might see this as a hard and taxing task, they saw themselves as a floating meme. Their high spirits (coming from them laughing so hard at themselves) got them back to the boat safely.

Once everyone was safely onboard, we prepared for Nathan’s last meal of the day: Baked Ziti, scrumptious as ever. To end this beautiful day, we shared our appreciation of the day and watched the beautiful sun go down.

And to answer the question, I am sure you are dying to hear the answer to Have we gone crazy yet quarantining on a floating object? The answer is no, with the exception there may or may not be a sign it is in our near future. Or to better answer the question… ask Maddie