Location: Pearns Bay, Antigua

Howdy, y’all!

Today was filled with giggles and some new adventures! I woke everyone up with some throwbacks and Christmas music to get the blood pumping at 7:00 am sharp. We had our fabulous chefs whip up some BANANA BREAD (my absolute favorite)! Then Caroline, Jay, and I further worked our way towards getting our advanced diving certification and learned all about the fishies. Mackenzie, Allistaire, Kasey, and Aurora snorkeled to the cave right offshore and saw some beautiful fish and sea urchins. Then lunch came around, and pizza bagels were on the menu and were absolutely delicious paired with some leftover banana bread, of course. Right after lunch, dinghy driving lessons cooked up some excitement. I was a part of the first group, and we all were naturals! When we got back to the boat, we could see Justin, Nathan, and Ash killing it in the water with some open water diving.

After the driving adrenaline ran low, Caroline, Tenley, Jay, and I continued our extremely intense spades tournament… and Tenley, and I got our very first WIN! Now the overall score is 3-1, and we’ll keep y’all updated for sure! Afterward, we got hit with the biggest surprise yet so far on the trip – CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! We all shot above deck, grabbed a spoon, and ate right from the gallon, which did not take long to finish (7 minutes exactly), but it was right before dinner – sorry folks. Some people got creative with their cutlery, while others’ hands were covered in chocolate or drank from the tub.

We ended the day eating dinner underneath a beautiful pink and purple sunset while sharing our fondest memory and our loudest yeehaw, credit to me 😉
Today’s rating: 3 stars