Location: Pearns Bay

This morning, Miriam and AK got up early to make breakfast. I took a morning swim and proceeded to wake everyone up, somewhat unsuccessfully. We ate eggs and veggies for breakfast, and then the first group (Marley’s group) of open-water students went on their first open-water dive. While they were gone, the other half of open water students and previously certified divers learned/refreshed dive tables with Sam. When we were done learning dive tables, Justin, Jay, and I went on a snorkel to the coral reef near shore. We saw squid, trumpetfish, cowfish, and lots more. Lunch, rice and veggies, were made by AK and Miriam. After lunch, advanced open water students and other certified divers (including myself, Kasey, Caroline, Maddie, and Jay) went diving. The advanced students did a navigation dive while Kasey and I went on a separate dive, where we saw a spotted eagle ray, lobsters, and nudibranchs. After we got back, the other half of the open water students went with Sam to go on their first open water dive. When everyone got back, we had lots of free time to talk, swim and relax while Ash and Sam went to land to get water. Marley made banana/chocolate pancakes for dinner, which were delicious.