Location: Pearns Point

Happy Father’s Day to everyone’s Dads!! Especially Chip!

We started the day with some delicious frittata before prepping the boat for our first day of sailing. After a safety rundown and learning how to use the fire hose, we brought up our anchors (shoutout to Tenley for arranging a rusty chain for 45 minutes) and left what was our home for the past few days. After a lot of sweating and learning by mistakes, we had our sails up, and we were all loving learning to sail! My favorite part of the sail was definitely able to learn and mess around with friends while we figured out how everything worked.

Around lunchtime, there were a lot of interesting sounds coming from the galley while our lunch was being prepared on passage with a very rocky boat. We lost a bowl overboard, but overall it was great. Pulling into our new cove completely took my breath away. The water is a light blue, and there are small islands surrounding us. When we got anchored and set up, some of us jumped into the calm water for showers, and others went snorkeling at a cave nearby. The snorkelers found a huge starfish and saw a bunch of fish pretty near our boat. When everyone was back and showered, we ate dinner and talked about today’s adventures. I’m on my way to a game of Spades, and then we’ll head to bed to get some sleep before diving tomorrow.

Perfect day, 3/5 stars 😉