Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Hello, people of the mainland,

This morning, everyone was woken up the way they should be to the sound of a wooden spoon hitting a metal bowl. During breakfast, we got to watch the ensign try to fly away after Smash let it go. Don’t worry; we got it back. After breakfast clean-up, the open water divers prepared for their final confined water dives. While they were diving, everyone else had some free time to watch Smash fix (after a few attempts) the dinghy engine Marley broke yesterday or go snorkeling over to a reef.

After a late lunch of tacos, Smash interrupted our watching of The Snail and the Whale to teach us some sailing terms. We were able to uncover the sails and tie down the dinghies to prepare for our first sail of the trip happening tomorrow. After dinner, we listened to the goats on the hill and named our favorite kinds of bread. Overall, today gets 3 stars (you’d have to be there to understand).

Signing off,