Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Hello family, friends, and other readers of the Sea|mester blog for the 20-day voyage aboard Ocean Star,

This is Kasey, the Skipper, back at it again, writing a blog post since the last time I had the pleasure of doing one in April of 2020 (I told you I’d be back). Let me just start by saying how much I appreciate being back and having the chance to sail and scuba dive aboard our floating home of S/Y Ocean Star once again.

The day began as it always should, with everyone waking up to the vocals of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. Although some were hesitant, the breakfast, including sausage (of the meat and vegetarian variety), brought smiles and full bellies to the crew for the very busy day ahead of us. Those who are working on their Open Water Scuba certifications went out on Irv and Exy for their first skills dives! They all enjoyed breathing underwater for the first time and can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

After the open water students returned, those who are working on their Advanced Open Water went out to a different part of the harbor to master their “peak performance buoyancy” skills. In addition, those who are already certified up to Rescue Diver status got to tag along and check out the wildlife and the not-so-wild scuba divers in the water with them. (See pictures below).

While diving in 20 ft water, we saw a stingray, butterflyfish, squirrelfish, and even an interesting formation of upwards of 20 squids! We’re not talking “Kraken” sized, but more like 5 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Wicked awesome!

The activities and tasks will be virtually the same tomorrow, as the Open Water folks hopefully finish up their certifications during the day- and everyone else will go diving once again.

We are all taking in plenty of sun, and reapplying sunblock has gotten the best of some of us, but the weather and water are gorgeous, and we could not ask for much more than that! Another day in paradise!
Thank you for your time and attention, and until next time…
This is your skipper, Kasey Zaleski, signing off.