Location: Tobago Cays

Today started with an OCE (Oceanography) class taught by Emma to educate us about H20 on a chemical level (we already know down here it’s beautiful and blue as can be). After morning class, we had the morning free on Union Island. We all explored the island, which included looking at sharks, local food stands, and even an up-close view of planes taking off from the airport. Some of us noticed packaged candy patties at one of the grocery stores and discovered a pleasant surprise: a shredded coconut molasses treat! After our morning at Union Island, we pulled up our sails (in record time) and set off for Tobago Cays. It was a picturesque sail through the afternoon to Tobago Cays: just us, the sun, the sea, and great company. As we approached our destination, we sailed onto anchor for the first time, which meant we had to be ready to get the sails down fast. Everyone had a job, and we were successful, now safety anchored between the islands of the Tobago Cays. It was rewarding to see us all work well as a team to accomplish our goal. Especially when we looked around at our new anchorage to find the stunning scenery, it’s no wonder they filmed parts of Pirates of the Caribbean here! Before dinner, all of us students took to the closest beach for some (mostly) friendly water games. Although some of our competitive sides came out, it was still all fun and games after our rewarding afternoon sail!

We look forward to exploring more of the area in the next few days!