Location: St. Tropez, France

Today aboard Argo, we woke up to the sight of hundreds of boats upon all sides of us. We were in the middle of a week-long regatta. Unknown and unplanned, we were all in superb excitement. It was very serendipitous of us. The crew put the boat away, took showers, and ate breakfast in record time. Once upon shore, huge tents filled with vendors overtook our sight. All of which are showing off many items, including sail gear, equipment, and trips. The streets were filled with enthusiasts all flaunting this with matching polos and white pants. We’ve been on Argo for just twenty days, but all of us fit into the crowd perfectly. We then came back to Argo after a great afternoon for passage prep. We are currently underway to Tarragona and enjoying the sail. set date: 2012-10-05