Location: Virgin Gorda, BVIs

As we approach the end of our journey it is hard not think back on the wonderful and amazing times that we have had aboard Argo. During this trip we have had plenty of opportunities to learn about the principles and theory behind sailing. We have utilized that knowledge many times during the last few months, hoisting sails, tacking and jibing. We have successfully crossed an ocean, we have performed sun sites, calculated our speeds using nothing but stale bread and a stop watch. We have plotted our position more times then we can count. Despite all these amazing accomplishments I feel today was a culmination for the shipmates, we provide them with the opportunity to show off the nautical skills they have learned over the last 80 plus days. It started off with people taking their MTE final exam. The mood on the boat was studious and somber; everybody was mentally prepared. Many people spent hours toiling over chart work and exams. This afternoon was more of a practical MTE experience, we rented Hobie Cats and had the shipmates participate in some small boat sailing. This was a time for shipmates to have an opportunity to practice their sailing skills. It was the fist time many people had ever sailed a small boat. Although the idea is the same the actual handling of a small boat is much different than sailing a large schooner. Things tend to happen much quicker on small boats and understanding the points of sail, and proper sail trim, are vitally important for gathering and maintaining speed. It was a blast, people did extremely well. First off everybody got a chance to go out and get a feel for the boats. Next we had some relay races where there was lots of cheering and enthusiasm as the teams sailed around the bay. As we have successfully completed the day, shipmates are now off to study for their science exams which will happen in a few short days. Your skipper Casey Jones Signing out