Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

We awoke this morning to the anchor being raised and the engine started. We spent the morning studying some polar biology while motoring from Virgin Gorda to Peter Island. After the short two hour trek, we geared up and jumped into the water again for our last dive before becoming Advanced Open Water Divers. This was our deep dive. The first dive group gathered to do some basic skills on shore before trying them out at depth. We practiced things like simple math and writing our names backwards. After timing ourselves at these skills we took off to 75ft, where we would try them again. It was a little nerve wracking going so deep. There are so many stories about the dangers of diving too far. But this was a really relaxing dive. We swam to the bottom, tried out our skills, which were much harder underwater, and then swam around, looking at the bottom of the deep blue sea. While divers weren’t in the water, shipmates were working hard trying to finish all their last minute school work before the big finals. The atmosphere in the salon was one of focus and hard work. Of course, the occasional study break and swim were necessary. We finished off the evening by celebrating the fact we were officially Advanced Divers. We dove on the Wreck of the Fearless, a wreck submerged about 75 feet down. We took the dinghies out to the wreck site and suited up. For most of us, this was our first night dive, our first wreck dive, and our second deep dive. It was eerie jumping in the water in the pitch black of night, but once we turned on our dive lights, and we started to descend, a whole new world opened up for us. There was an amazing abundance of fish and corals, and once we passed by them, we descended down a reef wall, and ended up at the wreck. It was like looking at footage on a video. It was hard to believe that this was actually real, and happening. After swimming around the wreck, we found a sandy spot, and turned off our dive lights. The darkness was overwhelming, but it was still really incredible that we were under the ocean at this hour. We returned to the boat to drink some much deserved hot chocolate and have a small bite of peach cobbler before bed. Oh, and congrats to Remy, who is officially, as of today, a Dive Master.

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