Location: Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Boy, o Boy, what a day. First and foremost I have to give props to the staff for the amazing job they do. It’s hard to really understand just how hard their jobs really are, but trust me, it is no easy task at all. So here’s how today went. We woke up, and all was well. The chefs had cooked waffles with hash browns and bacon, just a great great way to start the day, and after a breakfast like that, you would think the day would go smoothly, yes? Wrong. As we were preparing to move from our current location over to the wonderful islands of Tobago Cays, we stumbled upon a slight hiccup. The anchors were being pulled up when we realized that a fishing net was entangled in them. Yes, yet again, the anchors had a problem.

We really should get rid of them at this point and just try no anchors for a change. I mean, sure, maybe we would float into rocks or something, but we would not have any issues with anchors at all. Just a thought that’s all. Anyways after an hour or so of cutting line from the anchors, we were free, or so we thought as we cut them free, with the best-looking knives in the Atlantic, from the anchors, the fishing net then made its way to the prop and got all entangled in that too. So now we had our anchors free, but our engine was not. So then two of our amazing staff, Steph and Ash, got dive gear on and had to go cut the net from the engine. In the meantime since we had no engine we had to drop the anchor again. About 30 mins later, they came up and announced all good. No. As we started the engine and tried to pull up the anchor again, we realized that the fishing net AGAIN got stuck on the anchor. So then again, we were back to cutting the net from the anchor, and then at about 12, we were finally free. So, ya, quite an interesting morning if you ask me. Now given that it wasn’t till 12 until we were done, we were unable to head over to Tobago Cays as we had to arrive there in the daytime, and it is about a 6-7 hour sail, so we had no time. After a well-cooked lunch, we as a group decided between either heading back to the port we were at a couple of days ago and spend the night there or head over to Bequia. We decided a change of scenery would most definitely be beneficial for the group. So here we are now in Bequia in a beautiful port, and we are now planning on heading over to Tobago Cays tomorrow barring any more anchor problems, knock on wood. So ya, I would say we had quite the day. I must say all the crew on board did a great job helping out when needed, actually correction “some” of the crew because others slept the whole day because they were not feeling well, but that’s understandable. I think we all could use a day of sleep, especially after today. But ya, thanks for tuning in, and hopefully tomorrow’s blog isn’t this complicated, but then again, I mean today was a crap ton of fun, so might actually be even more fun to do it again. Who knows, anyways, thank you!!!!