Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

The day started out just as most days have during this passage across the Atlantic. However, it brought an element of the ocean which we were glad to see finally arrive. The absence of hull vibration from our 400 horsepower ‘D-Sail” and the increased fluid rolling of the ship told me before I got on deck that we were surely sailing. The long-awaited wind brought cooling relief as it swept away the heat from the sweltering sun as it beat down on the deck. It was nice to finally spread out in the cockpit rather than huddle down in the sparse shade that we had. Though there have been a few episodes of wind through this past week, today is the first full day of propulsion by the SE Trade Winds and was making a significant way. We’re currently doing about 5 knots, and we’ve only been getting faster. With any luck, we will hopefully be able to sail the rest of our course to the islands of Fernando de Noronha. As we escape the sun’s relentless heat and escape to the air-conditioned salon and cabins, we’ve had plenty to keep us busy in the academic realm of our voyage. From marine biology papers to studying for a seamanship exam to preparing engineering presentations, shipmates have had enough on their plate to keep the salon tables littered with books and binders. Though I doubt anyone is feeling the classic college “crunch, it’s simply a reality of class on-board. With our ETA being only 4 days away, I know some people, including myself, are itching to explore a new place on land again. As gorgeous as the ocean’s night sky and sunset maybe, Im personally excited to start port-hopping along the coast of South America. Especially after another long passage, Im greatly looking forward to that phone call home to check in with family and a belated happy valentine to my girlfriend. I can’t wait for the voyage’s upcoming adventure and, with any luck, a good amount of breeze!