Location: On Passage

Hello to all of Argo’s greatest fans,

We have had a very exciting day underway. It all kicked off at 0400 when Watch Team 3 came up on deck to find that the wind had finally filled the sails once again. Watch Team 2 was busy easing sheets and setting up running backstays while Katie, our fearless watch team leader, briefed us at midships for our watch. The 0400-0800 watch is my favorite because when you first step on the deck, you are often greeted by shooting stars, and then we get to witness the night sky slowly brighten as the sun rises. It’s a great way to start the day. The only wildlife we spotted today, as far as I know, was a lonely Booby bird, but hey, you can’t spot whales every day. As the watch rotations continued throughout the day, lots of games were played, many sleepy faces popped up through the companionways to assess the status of the weather, and we all took a turn on the helm. We also got to do a lot of sail handling as the wind would pick up and die off throughout the day. Jake and Claudia worked their magic in the galley and made us some incredible meals for lunch and dinner. Once dinner finished, everyone shared their favorite outdoor memory during squeeze and then got busy with the cleanup. The day is now winding down as everyone tries to catch some hours of sleep before their night watches.