Location: Rousseau, Dominica

This morning, we had a brief review of the upcoming Seamanship midterm and VHF exam. In the afternoon, we went diving into two spots on the west side of the island. Our dive was led by some super, friendly local Dive Masters. The first spot was called Witches Point, an underwater cliff that descended infinitely. It was my first actual recreational dive, and I was a bit nervous. But when I went down under the water, I was totally It was insane, insanely beautiful. Corals of all colors mixed with various schools of fish, and the giant dormant sea turtle hid in the valley of the corals painted down the whole cliff. It was nothing but magical. The second dive site was called Champagne. The name came from the bubbling underwater thermal vents created by volcanic activities. Personally, I could not be happier to have Dominica as my first actual dive site. It was simply incredible. We closed the day with a great meal at Dive Dominica in this warm Caribbean breeze.