Location: Ruins of Lower City, Statia

Goooood evening humans. and welcome to day 70

We started off with an amazing homemade French toast by Katie (I think she got some sleep last night), then split ourselves into three (as in three groups of 4 or 5 people, didn’t actually split ourselves). While two groups went on shore, the people in the third one navigated their way through the Navmaster exam (see what I did there?). Then we swapped and swapped again. The various shore activities included eating, exploring Fort Oranje, eating, walking around town, eating, hanging out in the shade, eating, playing with stray cats and chickens, or just eating without having to clean up. Back on the boat, we got greeted by a cheffing Katie, and two hours later devoured her chicken popcorn with pineapple stuffing. After dinner, we voted on our Skipper, Navigator, and Mates for the upcoming student lead passage. May the best Sailor win
Signing off
Newly-certified 19-years-old