Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The day started as early as possible for the crew of Ocean Star. As the clock struck midnight, the wakeup music had already sounded and the crew made their way on deck yawning and rubbing their eyes. We worked the drowsiness off quickly raising the sails for a night passage out of Guadeloupe. We moved quickly into the watch team rotation, guiding the boat northward towards Antigua using the stars and moon to steer. By the time the sun came peeking over the deep blue Caribbean waters, we were within a few miles of Antigua. The crew that were still sleeping were roused from their slumber and put to work pulling down the sails and getting ready to put the boat onto the same dock that Admiral Nelson used in the 1700s and 1800s. With the sail covers on and the boat looking tip-top, the dockmaster, always a friend of Ocean Star, found a coveted side-on spot with a view of the dockyard and the sailing yachts anchored along the edge. After a bit of a tidy up down below and some on deck projects, the students and crew were set free to explore the coastal forts, and gawk at the million dollar yachts lined up along the various marinas in the area. Everybody made their way back to the boat relatively early for our walk up to the former governor’s mansion at Shirley heights which was hosting a party with a live band and barbecue. We finished the night in fine form dancing to local music from the popular Antigua band “Itchy Feet”.