Location: St. John's, Antigua

Well, today has been a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least. We started the day by saying goodbye to one of our crewmates Cara, who happened to be my bunkmate. If you are reading this Cara, I hope you made it home safely. After wake-ups, we had some lovely bagels in the rain as we looked out at Argo wondering why they were anchored so far out. After breakfast, we continued our day as normal. We did cleanups and had an oceanography class. After class, we were blessed with the rest of the afternoon to finish our papers which were due at 6 pm. At around mid-day, we were informed that due to special coronavirus circumstances we would be sent home and we needed to pack our bags and catch flights tomorrow. This was something we were kind of expecting when we were all gathered in the salon for a meeting but still weren’t prepared to hear. The rest of the day was spent packing bags, calling home, and spending as much time as we could together. Even though we are all sad to go we spent our last day with lots and lots of laughs. Adios Ocean Star!

photo 1: girls pic ft. Tye
photo 2: Kenz attempting to throw up some sort of gang sign
photo 3: documentation of Faith’s very first time on the martingale