Location: Gallows Bay, St Eustatius

Today was a wonderful day for me as it involved mostly diving, which is my Jam as the kids say (maybe, I don’t understand most of the lingo of the youth today), anyway it started with a 6:30 wake up much the annoyance of the dreary-eyed shipmates, however, it was soon turned to glee when they were greeted with freshly made waffles for breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to the dock, where we were greeted by the very enthusiastic dive shop workers who gave us a brief for the day ahead. We then headed off to the first dive site, a nice 100ft wreck dive covered in coral and sponges and lots of barracuda swimming around. The visibility was insane, almost hitting 30m or so. You could see one end of the wreck to the other as we descended. We returned to land for a quick lunch stop before heading to the next site, a series of wrecks scattered along the seabed with much of the same life but with an appearance from a turtle and octopus.

After the diving, I gathered the returning shipmates for my wonderfully exciting lecture on coral reef communities (no sarcasm, they’re super interesting). After a good hour of me waffling on, the three rescue candidates took their exam (they’re doing it now while I write this, I hope they pass). The other shipmates decided to either study for upcoming assignments or got some quick snooze time in.

After a wonderful dinner (actually, again, I have no idea what it is because it’s only 15:30 as I write this, but I’m fully optimistic dinner will be great), everyone retreated downstairs for their seamanship class before going to the wonderful land of slumber and get energy for tomorrows activities.

(It was a great dinner)