Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Ash told me I can’t start the blog with “today” or “good morning,” so here we are. It all started with another beautiful Les Saintes sunrise and our chefs, Alex, Sarah, and Sam, working hard to make Arepas for breakfast. Unfortunately, as soon as the Arepas went into the oven, I noticed the propane leaking. I guess we just weren’t meant to have Arepas today. Bummer, but oh well! We continued our morning with Oceanography and Leadership taught by Sam and Ash. Then, our chefs prepared yummy chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. In the afternoon, our second group of divers went out for their final open water dives. They practiced compass skills, CESA’d, and saw some nice fish. According to Sarah, it made her feel very cool and accomplished.

Meanwhile, Sierra and Isaac headed to the beach for what they thought would be a chill afternoon. After a few minutes of swimming and lounging in the sand, a vicious rooster came out of nowhere and attempted an attack! Luckily, Isaac, being the hero he is, swooped in and scared the wild rooster away. It was a close one. The rest of the group actually had a chill afternoon. Kelly and I read about 3.5 pages of a pirate book before falling asleep, Mia did her laundry, and the rest of the crew did homework. Later in the evening, a group helped put our newly repaired sails back on! Because it’s a Sunday, we were unable to fix the propane and therefore couldn’t cook dinner. Instead, we ordered takeout from shore and enjoyed it on deck while stargazing. The food was delicious, and the stars were bright and plentiful. Now, the same group is still working to put the sails up (I should probably go help). And in case you forgot, Sarah got certified today!

Photo 1: pre-dinner sunset
Photo 2: Mia!
Photo 3: Sierra or Tarzan?
Photo 4: Working hard
Photo 5: Hardly working (but very cute)