Location: Underway to St. Lucia

Another beautiful day on the big blue. Cooler temperatures (relatively speaking) graced us with its presence following some rain over night, unbeknown to watch team three, watch teams one and two were quick to tell us this morning as we noted another beautiful morning at the start of our morning watch. Following an egg salad sandwich lunch we had Seamanship class with Boomer and Marine Biology with Casey. Those two classes made me thankful for another couple of things1. we have an extremely experienced and intelligent staff , emergency procedures are in place, and a detailed passage plan is used so we don’t end up on I Shouldn’t Be Alive and 2. the creepy looking fish with large eyes and vicious teeth that live in the deep sea don’t live at sea level. The class took us right into deck showers and a chicken Alfredo dinner. It will be odd to dine at a table with less than 27 other people and shower alone in three short weeks. For all those who have been reading in any capacity, thank-you. I am thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving! Peace, love, and a canned Thanksgiving on Argo, Chessy