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Students come from all points of the compass, so coordinated air travel is of vital importance.

When booking travel, students should be aware that the program start date is the date upon which students should arrive aboard the vessel. The program end date is the date on which students should depart the vessel and start their travels home.

Specific flight information for the selected voyage will be given during the enrollment process,so that students can start to look into their travel arrangements as soon as possible. Regardless of the voyage, all students are required to travel with a passport that is valid for 6 months AFTER their return from the program.

We suggest that students talk to a couple of different agents to see what might work best. Here are the organizations that our students have found to be helpful in the past.

Caribbean Travel LogoLeah Hernandez from TRC Travel Center. Leah has helped us organize our global travel for years.  She can be reached on 1.800.329.9000 (Texas 281.528.7727) or by email at

STA LogoSTA Travel. Possibly a cheaper option if you qualify for an International Student Identification Card (ISIC). With an ISIC card, you will be quoted student rates through STA travel and this may save a lot of money.  You can apply for the ISIC card (about $22) as well as get flight quotes from STA travel by calling a representative on 1.800.781.4040 or online at

Student Universe LogoStudent Universe at is another option for student airfares. When asked to login and provide proof of eligibility, you will find Sea|mester listed under the "college or university" drop down menu. is a relatively new website dedicated to international travel. For students who are joining Sea|mester for a global voyage, Vayama has proven to be a very good resource for booking complex, one-way and multi-city tickets.