Academics | Student Leadership Development

Course Code: SLS 2261

3 Credits - 45 Contact Hours


Course Overview:

The Sea|mester Student Leadership Development course was designed based upon the resources from an instructor guide and required text book named Exploring Leadership: For college students who want to make a difference (second edition) written by Julie E. Owen, Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas, Timothy R. McMahon.
The purpose of this course is to encourage students to carefully analyze their responsibilities and commitments in the context of leadership for the common good and for purposeful change. Students will come to understand the concept of relational leadership and how it differs from traditional leadership theories. The course includes the study of leadership as well as the application of leadership theories, concepts, and skills. Students will also develop their own leadership potential through the completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and leadership skill applications through program activities.

Course Objectives:

Through active engagement in the course and course materials, students will…

  • Understand and apply the Relational Leadership Model.
  • Learn the basics of group roles, dynamics, and decision making in order to function constructively in group settings.
  • Understand the nature of coalitions, communities, and systems.
  • Appreciate the relationship between ethics and leadership.
  • Discover the complexities of leadership and the multidisciplinary nature of leadership studies.
  • Compare and contrast traditional and emergent paradigms of leadership.
  • Apply critical thinking to leadership theories and practices.
  • Build an awareness of leadership issues facing our communities and society.
  • Engage in a positive, inclusive learning experience where all students are challenged and supported.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course, students will…

  • Have increased self-awareness through the exploration of values, beliefs, culture, and identity.
  • Begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership

Academic Materials:

All required course materials are provided by Sea|mester throughout the voyage.

  • Exploring leadership: For college students who want to make a difference by Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas, Timothy R. McMahon 608pp. ISBN10: 1118399471
  • The student leadership challenge: Five practices for exemplary leaders by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner 192 pp. ISBN-10: 0470177055

Student Handbook

For complete course overviews and syllabi, download the Sea|mester student handbook