Location: The Atlantic Ocean

Hey to everyone back home! I hope you all are having a great summer so far, and happy belated birthday, Marc! After today, we have about 2-3 days until we reach the Azores! We are all really excited to see land for the first time in 15 days. I know all of us are looking forward to seeing the islands and learning about their history…and also getting more night watch snacks! Today, we started doing math problems regarding navigation, which was really interesting.We learned how to take variation and deviation into account when plotting a course.In order to pass the exam on day 45, it is important that all the shipmates practice various navigation mathproblems as much as possible. Ben, our MTE instructor, gave us a USB drive with solving problems, so we have many opportunities to excel in this class.In our Oceanography course, we learned more about the behavior of winds and why it’s important to understand how the wind patterns form.

Additionally, in OCE, we learned about the formation of currents, the different kinds of currents, and how each current varies in different parts of the world. It is interesting to combine both what we are learning in our MTE and OCE classes, which will allow all of us to form connections and become better sailors and students. Before dinner, while we were taking down one of the sails, we saw dolphins! They were small and flipped in the air; it was awesome. We had Sloppy Joe’s and homemade rolls for dinner, and they were delicious. Our literature review papers are due when we reach the Azores, so many students have been working hard to complete them. By the time we will reach the Azores, we will have sailed 2/3 of the Atlantic Ocean. We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon.