Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

Today watch team two saw a most beautiful sunrise greeting Argo before handing over the deck to watch team three. We had delicious sandwiches for lunch, followed by a riveting OCE class. Just ask any OCE student about global or local wind patterns, and they’ll be able to tell you so much more than they could have yesterday. Thank you, Chris. After that, the open water students went over knowledge review 4 and watched the 5th and final PADI video. Shaking ourselves awake following the lovely PADI movie, we stopped motoring long enough to go for a swim in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It was such a nice day out that many people chose to spend the afternoon on deck working on their tans, studying, reading, or working out while those down below enjoyed Argo’s nice AC units and maybe a nap. For dinner, our chefs prepared a delectable chili and cornbread meal, and now we are rolling into night watches, that much is closer to our destination. It will become easy to take all of this for granted with many more days like this one.