Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Oean

I’ve always loved stargazing, but nothing has, and I doubt ever will, compare to a night sky aboard Argo in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But before we get to stare at stars for all hours in the middle of the night, we are graced with the sunset, and let me tell you, tonight is one for the records. Out the small window to my left, there is a horizon painted with pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, reds, and every color in between. And no matter what time of day it is, we are surrounded by 360 degrees of clear blue waters filled with more treasures than we could ever fathom. Last night after voting to change our watch team schedules from 3 hours on/6 hours off to 4 hours on/8 hours off and were assigned our new watch teams, we readied Argo and sailed off into the sunset with St. Helena at our backs and Brazil about 1800nm away. So far, our new schedule has gone over well, with everyone loving the long-missed full night’s sleep! Although St. Helena is one of the most amazing places many of us have ever been to, everyone was excited to get back into the routine of passage life and to head towards our next destination. We started off the day as a crew with lunch, where we enjoyed egg salad sandwiches (cooked by Kevin and Joe) on homemade bread (baked by Stefano), followed by Marine Biology and PSCT class. We had to stop to let the engine cool and do an oil change around mid-afternoon, which meant that we could shower in the ocean instead of on deck with a hose, which always makes for an excited crew. After nap/homework/downtime, we were treated with a Mexican fiesta, which is always a big hit. Now, as the sun leaves us for the day and one by one the stars come out, Argo and her crew enter the comfortable routine of slumber and night watch. A quick message from a few crew members: If any of you at home receive packages from St. Helena, we ask that you please do not throw away the stamps as they are valuable! The Saints (as St. Helenians call themselves) actually sell all of their used stamps on eBay as a fundraiser and have raised over 250,000 pounds (about $400,000!) So don’t toss them! *The pictures included in this blog entry are from our time spent in St. Helena*