Location: St. Helena, UK, Atlantic Ocean

And so began our last day containing solid ground for the next two weeks! Early breakfast and we were off to start the day by piling twenty-two people into a local taxi van. None of us could have predicted the roadways here as they are some of the most narrow I have ever seen. We drove up and over one of the mountains, which held breathtaking views of the island, in order to get to the other side. The roads on the way down were particularly tremulous, filled with sharp turns and the smell of brakes; we were constantly expecting something to happen. Our taxi led us, with surprising safety, across the island to the trailhead for Lot’s Wife’s Ponds. It was a spectacular hike, although admittedly extremely hot, through St. Helena’s rocky coastline with an endpoint at a large area along the edge of the ocean that contained numerous tidal pools. Chris and Beaks were eager to share their knowledge and, after a refreshing swim, most of us were soon holding sea urchins and inspecting crab exoskeletons. The hike back was just as difficult, and, as a result, most of us were passed out for the half-hour taxi ride back. We were given half an hour for any last-minute things we needed to do ashore, and we are currently readying Argo for the next part of our journey. We plan to leave just after dinner tonight, and, timing permitting, we will be sailing into the sunset. Another wonderful day filled with amazing friends and the hot hot heat of the tropics. I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!