Location: St. Helena, UK, Atlantic Ocean

We started off the day with a variety of muffins made by chefs Catherine and Spike and embarked on a full day of seeing what St. Helena had to offer us. Some of us took time to check in with family and friends back home and do some much needed laundry. A group went to check out Napolean’s grave and house that he was exiled to or see the world’s oldest tortoise. A few of us Argonauts attempted to play a round of golf at one of the world’s most isolated courses but when we got there we discovered that it was closed unless you made an appointment. We made a change of plans and hiked to the top of a peak that our taxi driver, Harry, suggested. We stopped at a gas station, got food to make sandwiches and hiked through cow pastures and wind turbines to find ourselves on top of a beautiful cliff over looking spectacular views. All of us had an eventful day on St. Helena and ended it with a bar-b-que in town of lamb chops, chicken wings and other delectables before a sign out night to wind down before we head to Brazil tomorrow.