Location: St. Helena, UK, Atlantic Ocean

During the last few days of our passage to St Helena I taught watch team two the English National Anthem in preparation of our arrival to this small British island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. Our performance was at breakfast this morning as we tunefully greeted the crew with “God Save Our Gracious Queen”. Following breakfast we completed some of our BA tasks that could not be completed in the dark last night; waxing and polishing on deck and the hull. Around lunch time we were cleared through customs and immigration and ready to go ashore. The quaint town of Jamestown is nestled in a deep volcanic valley on the northern side of the island. The town is full of history and had similar feelings to a small English town perhaps 30 years ago, complete without any mobile phones! The crew was free to check out many of the sights, which for some included a trip up the 699 steps (600ft) to the top of Jacob’s Ladder; built in 1829 for hauling manure up and goods down. Other highlights included the Castle Gardens, the old Post Office, the Consulate Hotel, the Market and various churches in the town. Once back on board we all enjoyed a dip in the amazingly clear and crisp Atlantic Ocean, all a little wary after seeing some large fish swimming by earlier today and also a manta ray sighting off the bow. We are just clearing up from dinner and about to have a Chemical Oceanography quiz and watch “Breakfast Club” for Student Leadership Development class. I’m excited for tomorrow as the Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games arrives on the RMS St. Helena.