Location: Cairns, Australia

Today the crew of Argo all faced the bittersweet feeling of arriving in Cairns, our last stop. We had sailed a magnificent 4,711 miles in the South Pacific. Upon arriving in Cairns, we immediately docked the boat, ate a wonderful lunch, and got to clean her up from the recently finished passage. Carolyn gave a quick presentation on what our activities were for the rest of the trip, one of which included a jungle hike, so stay tuned. Despite the nearing end of the program, everyone on Argo was excited to explore and eat lots of food in Cairns. We all had a wonderful time stretching our legs and doing some shopping. After our time onshore, many of us crammed in a few extra minutes of studying for our upcoming Oceanography, exam and then we all sat down for a pizza dinner made by the lovely Haley. Once dinner was all cleaned up, we took our last test of the program, which everyone was happy to finally be done. We all look forward to our final days on Argo and making them last.

Hi Mom, Dad, Nick, Doug, and all my fellow Brookfielders, I hope all is well, and I can’t wait to see you in a few days.