Location: Underway to Cairns

It’s pretty surreal to think that today was our last full day of passage, and it’s even more surreal to think that the program ends in 5 days! But the crew of Argo always tries to make the most of each day and today was no different. The day started with the usual passage breakfast of cereal, plus an added bonus of crepes for the ones that woke up early enough. There was some Boat Appreciation done today, followed by a delicious lunch of pasta and garlic bread. In the afternoon, the crew had their last marine biology exam and presented their group research for oceanography. Research projects included plankton collections, water chemistry testing, fish content testing and plastic surveys, The night ended with a fantastic meal of pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. The squeeze question tonight was, “What was the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?” We now know who has a strong spice tolerance and the not-so-strong spice tolerance on the boat. Special shout out to Simon and his sous chefs for all their hard work today, and one more day to Cairns!

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad! Love you and can’t wait to see you in 5 DAYS!