Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St Vincent

Today we started off the morning with a tasty breakfast created by Kris and Jacquie, Baked Beans on Cheese on Toast. After clean-up, we had our first Marine Creature ID quiz, followed by an OCB (Ocean Biology) class about bony fishes. We then went to shore and visited the Old Hegg Sea Turtle Hatchery and saw sea turtles aging from 10 days to 5 years. Once we finished looking at the majestic sea turtles, we got off time where everyone went out and explored the island and ate lunch in their individual groups. At 16:30, we gathered together on the dock to go back to Ocean Star to wash and spend a bit of time on the boat. For dinner, our cooks made Spaghetti Bolognese (Mmmmm). It was delicious. And to end this tranquil day, we had an OCE (Oceanography) class.