Location: Bequia

Ah, another beautiful day in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. As we recently discovered, 90F has been the average air temperature for the trip. So, walking around in just bathing suits is the norm. Amazing, isn’t it? Back home in Boston for me, the temperature is hovering around 50F! Such a radical difference, and I can safely say I’m not envious one bit. This morning we started off with the introduction lecture to Geographical Oceanography, followed by a quiz on biological Oceanography. Thanks Kris. Once over and done with, we spent the late morning and early afternoon on shore, in the capitol of Saint Vincent- Kingstown. We were graced with a scenic drive, followed by a full immersion into the port town life. Many of us were finally able to send off the stacks of postcards which have accumulated over the week, and we all treated ourselves to cold drinks. Following pick-up at 1330, we hoisted sail and left Saint Vincent, back trekking south slightly to the island of Bequia. We made excellent time, and Brendon helmed the entire voyage. Nice job! After tying to the mooring line it was time to shower. Congrats Abby on your first back flip! As a group we pledged today that each crewmember would have successfully done a back flip by the end of the semester. Tonight we have a free night onboard the Ocean Star. Perhaps we will study all night long for our OCB fish/invertebrate ID quiz tomorrow morning well see. 😉