Location: St. Vincent

Hello to all once again! Today my crew and I tackled a volcanic crater on an epic hike. This morning we had an early wake-up at 6:45 to Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls, which surely worked to get even Colby, the birthday boy, out of bed. Clearly, this was a mark for a good day because, ordinarily, Colby doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than a Caesar salad. After breakfast, we took a couple of taxis across the island to our trailhead and went on an amazing hike up an inactive volcano! It was amazing to see the different layers of the forest and the various types of vegetation that grow at certain elevations. We saw a lot of banana trees, which was fascinating. At the top of our hike, we were literally sitting in a cloud. The moisture and cold air felt so fresh on our glistening faces. After the hike, we clambered down the mountain and returned to our sturdy vessel, where David Z. proceeded to do a backflip perfectly upon the first try. All of the crew was very impressed. Yay, Sunshine! Afterward, Blake and Colby whipped up some miraculous Chicken Alfredo and Cesar Salad. Just another lovely day in paradise! Peace, Abigail Dorothy