Location: Palau

What’s up all you cool cats and kittens,
Today was a pretty fun day! I started the day by waking everyone up by singing to them this morning. After yesterday’s breakfast downpour, we were happy to see some patchy blue sky and sunshine this morning. The first group went kayaking today, and even though it was tough, they enjoyed it. They kayaked, went hiking, and cliff jumped. The other two groups went for a really cool dive. They saw sharks, eels, and tons of cool fish! Today the head chef was Carly with Will and Ian. They made fabulous Mac N Cheese for lunch and chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. Both meals were phenomenal. We finished off the day with hanging out and dinner, the question for tonight was, “If you could be an inanimate object, what would you be and why?” Some notable answers include Yacht (Will), Cloud (Zach), and a plate (Margo). Shoutout to Grace for chilling with me on the boat today.

Thought I should include this somewhere. I have nicknames for everyone on the boat. Here are some notable examples.
Margo = Go-gurt,
Zach = Country
Grace = Ace
Whitney = Houston

Will and Zack at Nikko Bay
Nikko Bay views