Location: Palau

Today all of the students went on the Rock Islands tour. First, we went to the saltwater jellyfish lake. We all swam with the jellyfish. Emma even kissed some. The jellyfish lakes formed when the ocean levels fell, and a lake was left in the middle of an underwater landmass. The widely accepted theory of how the jellyfish got into the lake is that jellyfish polyps (baby jellyfish) were brought there by birds. The absence of predators meant that their stingers atrophied over time. A lot of the students were really excited because the jellyfish lakes are one of Palau’s natural wonders, and this same tour had been canceled earlier in the week.
For lunch, we went to the beach on an island. Horsing around, eating Emma’s meal, and then a rain squall came out of nowhere, and we had to hide in a cave. After getting past the rain squall, we went to the Milky Way, a “natural spa”- the mud here is supposed to be very rejuvenating if you put it on your skin. We all threw mud at each other and horsed around some more.
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Photo Captions:
Photo 1: jellyfish
Photo 2: jellyfish number two
Photo 3: jellyfish number three
Photo 4: jellyfish? we think
Photo 5: Palau (smaller than it looks on the map)
Photo 6: (left to right) Emma, Preston, Grace, and William
Photo 7: Horsin’ around
Photo 8: Horsin’ around with storm in background