Location: Underway to Christmas Island

Nothing beats sitting on the bow of Argo, a bowl of fruitloops in hand, gazing out into the beautiful blue sea with the sun warming my face. That’s how my day began. I hope everyone at home can feel a little warmth as I send love from the warm Indian ocean while the rest of my family is most likely waking up to a cold, crisp fall. Today was yet another beautiful day. We’ve had a calm, smooth ride so far in our first few days of sailing in the Indian Ocean. The airs been warm, the winds moderately light and the seas nothing compared to our first passages. However, I am sure in the next few weeks to come the Indian Ocean will be living up to its reputation and throwing us around a little but hopefully not too much. After a great morning for watch team two we had a tasty macaroni lunch and all my favorite fruit; watermelon, pineapple and honeydew. After lunch we had our two classes of the day Leadership, which involved two presentations by students. One was a card trick and the other one on identifying Orcas that was super cool to learn about. The rest of class we talked about our weaknesses and strengths and morals in life, it got real deep. After leadership we had oceanography, we got our quizzes back and everyone did awesome, I got 10/10! As soon as class was over, we all had to run up on deck and get the main sail down in a hurry because the clew of the sail came unattached from the boom and was flapping everywhere. We got it down quick, fixed it up and back up it went. As we were bringing it back up a few dolphins came over and swam next to the boat. Once we were done with the sail it was shower time, always the most hilarious part of the day. Once showers were done we had some free time to work on some of our assignments with upcoming due dates or sleep that’s usually what ends up happening no matter how hard I try. Next was dinner and our daily squeeze where we all go around answering the skipper of the days question. My question today was where is your favorite spot aboard Argo. Almost everyone said the bow but only in calm conditions but honestly at the end of the day, being on this boat in general is my favorite place. It’s hard work sometimes and it can be tiring balancing classes and jobs and studying, but this is an amazing experience and I am so happy to be here with every single person on this boat. Day by day life aboard gets more and more comfortable and the crew as a whole is growing into a family. Hope everything is well for everyone at home. Lots of love, Keanna.