Location: Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

For some of the crew, the day started with the 0400 to 0800 sunrise watch. It’s always a bittersweet shift to have, as you are waking up in pitch black skies fighting to stay awake, but near the end, you get to watch beautiful sunrises with one of the days first bowls of cereal. At 1400, Argo arrived at the Christmas Islands, accompanied by a fresh cleaning as part of a crew-wide boat appreciation. As we climb up and down and all around the sails, a bystander might actually mistake us for an experienced crew. When the cleaning was done, we arrived in the harbor, where we are to remain for the next few days. Instead of anchoring, we are attached to mooring balls. For this to happen, I accompanied by Taylor, were taking lines out to the mooring balls in one of the dinghies helmed by Brit. It was an extremely messy process as the pillars were covered in grease, but we somehow managed. Shortly after, Aussie Customs Agents boarded Argo. They turned out to be some of the friendliest group of guys, and we managed to get through the process with ease. Upon their departure, they informed us that we would have to move Argo to different mooring balls, and the whole process was to start again. Tonight we will have a destination presentation on Christmas Island and PSCT class.