Location: Prickly Bay, Lance-aux-Epines, Grenada

Today was another most excellent day on the spice island of Grenada. The crew of Ocean Star started the morning with a class in Oceanography, taught by Oceanographer/Dive Instructor extraordinaire Kris. After class, the shipmates headed ashore to explore Grenada once more. Grenada is truly a fabulous island, and the sheer number of things to do here deny exhaustion. I spent the morning on board with Nathan, elbows deep in the innards of the engine room, tracking down what turned out to be a finicky fuel pump. Diesel bath completed, I headed to shore to meet up with the rest of the crew on Grande Anse beach, the center of Grenada’s tourism industry. We rented a pair of Hobie Cats from a hotel on the beach, and Kevin gave everyone a great introduction to small boat sailing before turning them loose on the water. The mechanics of sailing a small, lightweight, and maneuverable vessel are different enough from Ocean Star to make it a challenging experience for many of the crew. They understand the fundamentals but soon learned that finesse is required as well, particularly in the light air of the bay. After an afternoon of fun and sun, we all returned to Ocean Star for an extravagantly delicious dinner of Chicken Caesar salad prepared by Kristine and Kiri before rolling headlong into a class on buoyage and running lights this evening. Everyone is looking forward to some after-class birthday cake in honor of Kristine’s birthday!