Location: Prickly Bay, Lance-aux-Epines, Grenada

After an early morning battle with the egg pan, team Seamester was off to conquer the dizzy heights of Mount Qua Qua. A mix of anticipation and a fair amount of apprehension was plain to see on everyone’s faces as we started the muddy trail to the top. Some stunning picturesque views, the occasional mud pit, enough to keep a young warthog happy, and cardio workout that would keep Lance Armstrong busy kept everyone entertained along the trail. The summit was finally scaled a mere hour and a half later, approximately 23447823674 photos taken, and we were heading back down to the lake, the venue for a delicious PB and J packed lunch. With stomach content, the crew set off down the road in search of The Seven Sisters waterfall trail and The Super Butterfly, our extremely enthusiastic and patriotically dressed tour guide. After a relatively short hike up a few hills, we found ourselves at the start of an ominous downward journey consisting of some small-scale rapids and 7 waterfalls, the largest of which measured in at around 40 feet. With a mixture of dives, bombs, the occasional bellyflop, an audacious attempt at a melon, and an eccentric backflip from the Super Butterfly, we were back safe and sound at basecamp, all in high spirits. A Mexican fiesta awaits us for super tonight, followed by an eagerly anticipated Marine Biology exam. A special shout out to Mother Goose Faloon, who’ll be celebrating her birthday in the morning. Apparently, a real woman never reveals her age (we all know shell be turning 21.) One Love Fleet Admiral Kris Princess Stevenson.