Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

The day began with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. Followed by a quick oceanography class, the morning activities aboard the Ocean Star seemed very brief in comparison to our passage to Grenada. After class, we had a full day of free time on land. We all parted ways in small groups and began adventuring. Some people walked around St. George, some visited local beaches (and subsequently covered themselves in mud) or visited the Fort, but everyone found some interesting to do. As soon as we arrived in St. George, we stepped out into a street full of vendors and local people trying to sell us jewelry and spices. We were lucky enough to bump into this very cool Rasta named Roger. We told him we were interested in finding St. Georges’s fort to poke around, but he gladly took us there himself. What at first just seemed like a polite man pointing us in the right direction here and there slowly turned into an epic adventure around the island that I will never forget. Roger turned out to be an expert on anything and everything Grenada. He gave us a proper tour of the fort and then took us to get lunch at a low-key place where I experienced roti and passion fruit juice for the first time. Feeling rejuvenated and pretty excited that we had such a cool tour guide showing us around, we headed off to our next destination, Annadale waterfalls. Here Roger hooked up us with one of the professional divers, Ricky, who showed us how to jump off the 45-foot waterfall. He asked us if we would like to join him on his next dive. We couldn’t say no. We all joined back on Ocean Star around 5:30 PM and had an excellent chicken and pasta dinner to finish off the day. I never thought the expression every day is better than the last. Would ever be so truewhat a satisfying day.