Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today was another day of chilling in Grenada. Today was an optional shore day, but before I get ahead of myself, I have to mention our amazing breakfast; Jackie made homemade (letting the yeast rise and everything) cinnamon buns with icing for breakfast, which everyone devoured. An Oceanography class followed breakfast, and then we had optional shore time for the entire day. Now that we have gotten to know the island and St George, everyone had clear ideas of how they wanted to spend their day. Some people stayed on the boat working on assignments and relaxing on the Ocean Star; the rest of us went to the mainland. Blake, David Z, Seb and myself relaxed on Grand Anse beach soaking up rays, swimming in the crystal clear, warm waters enjoying sun showers. Abigail, David S, Thaddeus, Brendan, and others went to a 45 foot waterfall to jump, and explore the jungle surroundings. Since we have been here for four days, we are all starting to feel at home on this island, and will be sad to leave: especially because we’ve made friends with a few locals and started to appreciate the local flavor and culture. But, soon we will be leaving for Carriacou, and were all looking forward to discovering a new island in this country!