Location: Oranjestad, St Eustatius

Today we said adieu to our last French island, St. Barth, and made our way to St. Eustatius, aka Statia. After I very cruelly woke up the crew to the sound of the Marseillais, breakfast and passage preparation began. Again we have another example of a relatively relaxing day, with the only class-related event being the Divemasters finishing their skill circle, meaning that they are nearly done with their certification. While on our sail to Statia, the mainsail actually managed to tear slightly, and it is not clear what will be done about it at the moment, although I would hope that we can fix it soon so we can travel under only sail power like we have been doing recently. Dinner was very nice, as today’s head chef made cottage pie, a personal favorite of mine. Tonight for the squeeze, I decided to ask everyone to tell me the funniest thing that had ever happened to them, and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. Tomorrow we’ll be off doing some diving, and I’ll only have one dive left to get my advanced certification.

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