Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

Today was our last full day on the French Island of St. Barth, and I know I’m not the only one with unspent Euros. Breakfast was amazing and consisted of pancakes with all the usual Ocean Star toppings, like syrup, peanut butter, and, of course, Nutella. Then after breakfast, we went on our scheduled research dives attempting to look for sea anemones and recording specific species, tentacle, depth, and species around the anemone. Few of us were successful. For those of us waiting our turn to dive, it was scheduled free time. Most of it went to relaxing on deck or studying and paper writing for Oceanography below in the salon. Some of us went onshore and found internet cafes to be productive while others got their shopaholic selves on and explored the goods St. Barth had to offer. Two groups went off to a well-advertised Juice Bar, but I was in the group that got detailed directions to a crepe place from Eric, our 1st mate. It was well worth it. We all reconvened for passage preparations around 4 pm to prepare Ocean Star for the 20 nautical miles it takes to get to the island of Stacia. After somewhat of a delay in dinner in which we filled the time finishing a fishing documentary titled End of The Line for our Oceanography class, ironically dinner was fish but smelled, and I was told it was delicious. The squeeze question of the night was: name two things you admire about yourself and one thing or trait you’d like to improve upon. There were some really interesting and thoughtful responses. Now I’m going down below to the Salon to take a delayed Oceanography quiz, and then I’m told there is going to be a much-needed navigation chart plotting party.

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