Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today we were woken up by the fire alarm at about 6:20. Head chef JP was in the galley making chocolate chip pancakes and was getting so lit that somehow he managed to set off the alarm. We all mustered in the cockpit, and then once we were told that it was just JP, we went back down below to sleep for another 30 minutes. A half-hour later, we all woke up once more, but this time it was to actually eat breakfast. JP, Marion, and Lance treated us to a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. They were splendid. Following breakfast, we started passage preparations for our very short day passage today, one to Tenerife, It took us 7 hours to get there, and along the way, we enjoyed a lunch of chicken caesar bowls in the company of Risso’s dolphins. While underway, we had Oceanography class featuring Sam From Staff and then rolled straight into watch teams for the remainder of our short passage. We arrived just before dinner and docked in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Dinner was absolutely epic. Many ingredients were missing, so JP and his sous chefs had to create something never been tried before: vegetarian sloppy joe’s. Dinner was veggie sloppy joe’s as well as mashed potatoes and burger buns made by our bread maker for the day- Ethan. Ethan crafted Amish white bread rolls with paprika and thyme seasoning on top that were so divine, Gordon Ramsay would be proud. Following dinner, we all cleaned up and got ready for our marine biology exam tomorrow!

1. Coming Into Tenerife
2. Argo Stern, departing Gran Canaria this morning
3. Argo Full